Birth doula

My role as a Doula UK recognised birth doula is to provide you with evidence-based information and empower you to take ownership of your own birth experience so that you can make informed choices. I will support you in your decisions without judgement. I am experienced in all types of birth, from home births to planned caesareans.

  • Do you want to educate yourself about birth but there’s so much information out there you’re not sure where to start?
  • Do you see the benefit of having another member in your support team – someone with whom you have developed a relationship during pregnancy and knows you and your wishes for your birth?
  • Do you want someone you can call or email during pregnancy who is calm and reassuring and won’t think any of your questions are silly, because she’s heard them all before?
  • Have friends, family and even complete strangers insisted on sharing their birth horror stories with you and you want to know how best to prepare yourself for a very different kind of birth experience?
  • Has your pregnancy been categorised as ‘high risk’ and you want someone experienced and knowledgeable to signpost and guide you to understand any differences between hospital policy and evidence based research?
  • Is your partner brilliant but you know he’ll find it difficult to see you in pain during labour and not know how best to help?
  • Is this your second or subsequent pregnancy and you want your birth experience to be different this time round?
  • Does something about having a doula appeal to you but you’re not the ‘alternative’ type?

My birth package includes: 

  • 1 free consultation (30 minutes) so you can decide if I am the right doula for you.
  • 2 meetings to get to know each other and discuss your birth preferences as well as any concerns you may have.
  • 1 postnatal planning session to give you the opportunity to look ahead to your fourth trimester and feel prepared on a practical and emotional level.
  • Unlimited phone and email support throughout your pregnancy and six weeks postpartum. You will receive prompt responses to any queries you may have and links to useful information about a whole host of relevant topics.
  • 20% discount on my pregnancy massage services.
  • Commitment to being on-call from 10 days before your due date until 42 weeks.
  • Hire of pregnancy, birth and baby related books.
  • Continuous support during labour from the moment you wish me to be present until you have given birth and are settled with your new baby (usually after the first feed).
  • 1 postnatal meeting to give you the opportunity to debrief your birth experience.
  • All travel and other expenses.

Total fee: £1095