Postnatal doula

My role as a Doula UK recognised postnatal doula is to support you while you discover the mother you wish to be.

  • Would you like some guidance in baby care and understanding your baby’s cues?
  • Are you unsure about what ‘normal’ newborn behaviour is and would like someone to point you in the direction of evidence based information so you can make decisions based on fact rather than other people’s differing opinions?
  • Do you lack hands on support due to family not living locally and friends who are either working or busy looking after their own children?
  • If your baby is already here and you feel you’re struggling more than you expected to? Is every day another day to get through and you want to enjoy your baby more than you are?
  • Do you feel tearful and could do with a kind ear to listen and someone to reassure you?
  • Are you sleep-deprived and would love someone you trust to look after your baby for a few hours so you can lie down and rest?
  • Does everyone around you seem to have an opinion about feeding, sleeping and caring for your baby, but you want to find the way that’s right for you and your family?
  • Is this your second or subsequent baby and you feel torn between the needs of your newborn and older child/children and you haven’t even had a chance to think about looking after yourself?

Postnatal doula sessions
You might want this support two or three times a week for several weeks or you may want a one-off or adhoc sessions.  I work according to your requirements!

Tasks I can help with include:

  • Listening to your birth story and helping you make sense of it if necessary.
  • Being a non-judgmental listening ear at what can often be a tiring and emotional time.
  • Supporting with infant feeding – whether you are feeding by breast, with formula or a combination of the two. I am able to signpost you to specialists if you need more qualified help than I can provide.
  • Looking after your baby so you can have a shower, go for a walk or just have some time to yourself.
  • Helping out with older siblings.
  • Light housework such as laundry, washing-up and general tidying.
  • Preparing snacks and making cups of tea.
  • Going shopping for anything you might need.
  • Accompanying you to appointments for moral support or an extra pair of hands.

3 hour session: £75
4 hour session: £100

Reassurance sessions
These one-off or adhoc sessions are popular with new parents who aren’t looking for regular postnatal support but want some one-to-one time with an experienced doula to ask all the questions that are on their mind.

Maybe you’re wondering whether your newborn’s sleep and feeding patterns are normal, questioning advice given to you by friends and relatives or simply want a chance to speak to and offload to someone who is there for you rather than your baby.

I can provide you with evidence based information, emotional support, offer suggestions (not tell you what to do because you have enough people doing that!) and signpost you to any other postnatal specialists you might need.

If you choose an in-person session, I’m also happy to carry out any other postnatal doula tasks during our session.  Please contact me for an extensive list.

1 hour Zoom: £25
2 hours in-person: £50
A one hour in person session is also possible if you are adding it on to a postnatal massage.

Baby massage add-on
This session can be added on to a postnatal massage, a reassurance session or a postnatal doula session.

Suitable for babies aged 6 weeks to 6 months.  This is a one-off class to teach you all the techniques that you need.  I will demonstrate on a doll while you treat your baby and leave you with a handout detailling the techniques.

  • Helps your baby feel safe, secure and loved.
  • Reduces pain and tension.
  • Relieves trapped wind, constipation and colic.
  • Promotes relaxation and longer sleep.
  • Helps to strengthen your baby’s immune system.
  • Develops body awareness and coordination.
  • A great way to strengthen your bond with your baby, increase your confidence and understand your baby’s body language.

Up to 1 hour (allowing time for baby to wake from a nap, have cuddle breaks etc)