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‘Hayley was invaluable during my pregnancy, delivery, and afterwards, providing great support on so many levels.  Kind, caring, considerate, funny, friendly, warm, reassuring, calm, patient, the list goes on!  Hayley had wonderful empathy with regards to our history of recurrent baby loss, my anxiety around pregnancy and PTSD.’ – Emma and Aamir

‘Hayley was a great soundboard and super knowledgeable; she took steps to research anything I was unsure about. She very much took my lead on sharing information rather than imposing any views which is so appreciated.’ – First time mum in Purley CR8

‘Hayley has a very caring and serene demeanour and made me feel very comfortable. She was extremely supportive and non-judgemental and had a very calming presence. She asked what assistance we wanted from her, and provided that to an excellent standard. I felt supported emotionally by Hayley and she went above and beyond to send me links to information that was always completely pertinent and useful. Hayley empowered me and gave me confidence as a new mum. She was very respectful and gentle in her approach and her practical support really helped me keep my sanity, as it enabled me to catch up on sleep during the day. It was also just so reassuring to know that I didn’t have to deal with it all by myself during the week when my husband was at work. The thought of having Hayley coming on the next occasion made me feel reassured in the intervening time. She made me feel supported not only when she was physically present in our home but also generally.’ – Anonymous

‘Hayley was absolutely fantastic.  I literally cannot rate her highly enough.  She was available to me via text, phone and email for six months of my pregnancy and that cannot be taken lightly.  She always reassured me if I got scared or upset about something and was truly a gentle, caring soul.  I felt like I would be safe with her, as if I would have some kind of special power during childbirth.  She helped me look forward to the birth and not fear it and she educated me on options I had before, during and after the birth.’ – Stephanie and Ian

‘Hayley has been a fantastic doula and has supported me both emotionally and physically. She’s a great listener, friendly, approachable and never judgemental. Hayley listened to my birth story and understood the initial struggles we had adjusting to life with a new baby that didn’t sleep! She has a lovely easy, relaxed way with [my baby] and is never fazed, even when he gets grizzly or grumpy! Hayley has always carried out my wishes when looking after him and always offers to help around the house when he naps. It’s been therapeutic to have someone to talk to and I looked forward to her coming over as it’s enabled me to have a break without feeling guilty.’ – Anonymous

‘Hayley was great and I found it very easy to talk to her, to have her around in our house and to trust her with my baby.’ – Second time mum in Purley CR8

‘Hayley is a great doula.  She provided consistent, sensitive care to me – in a really intuitive way.  She spoke up on my behalf when the doctors were not listening to me, and enabled Jamie to be where he needed to be – with our baby girl (born at 28 weeks).  I now believe that all births should have a doula in attendance, even those involving ‘experienced’ mums.’ – Leila and Jamie

‘I reached out to Hayley at a time where I was very overwhelmed and exhausted and after our initial meeting it was great to know that I would have an extra pair of hands each week. She was a great help and was always happy to support me in any way I asked. Hayley was great and I found it very easy to talk to her, to have her around in our house and to trust her with my baby.’ – Kristin

‘Hayley is lovely and has been a great support all the way through. She is very knowledgeable about birth and baby and shares evidence based information to allow me to make informed decisions, without expressing her own opinion. Hayley was willing to help in any way we needed and went above and beyond by supporting me with information and reassurance when I texted her both antenatally and postnatally, Just having her around the house and knowing someone would be here made it easier to get through the early days. The reassurance that I was doing a good job was really helpful in keeping my depression and anxiety in check.’ – Anonymous

‘Hayley is a Mary Poppins doula.  Every time I spoke to her about any of my concerns, her calmness and deep knowledge of labour gave me the confidence to know I could have a positive birth experience.  Her presence throughout the labour reassured me that it would all be ok.  She was an excellent source of encouragement, especially towards the end of labour when I was tired.  She was able to support me in my wishes, as she had taken the time prior to labour to find out what my wishes were for the different decisions I would need to make.  Hayley ensured that Henry’s needs were taken into account and also supported him.  She was instrumental in me having a positive birth experience and helping me achieve the birth I wanted.’ – Caroline and Henry

‘Hayley is a lovely doula and just as you would want one to be – kind, reassuring, calm and professional and also with a sense of fun! Her knowledge was excellent and she was just right in the situation. Jamie says she was very good, attentive, knowledgeable and supportive and not intrusive at all. It was really reassuring to have Hayley at the end of the phone/email prior to the birth. Especially when I was waiting to be induced it was great to be able to call and talk to her. As I talked I sometimes came to my own conclusion. Immediately after the birth I had loads of questions and it was lovely to feel that I had someone to ask these of. I also felt Hayley was a very safe pair of hands with Patrick.’ – Jackie and Jamie

‘We have no words to say how supportive Hayley has been throughout this lovely journey together. Her calming and reassuring presence made such a difference during labour. We felt safe.’ – First time parents in Coulsdon CR5